UI Design Fundamentals - Video 1 - Introduction & Course Outline

Hi, I’m Arthur, UX and UI designer and in the next week I’m gonna share with you my experience and tricks I gained over 17 years of working as a designer in a variety areas of expertise.


To begin with, I started my design career in 2002 as a graphic designer in a local airline and in some time I switched my focus to web industry that was more on-demand and more attractive to me those days. My first paid interface design was delivered in 2009. It was a simple website for a medium-size-company, but soon, I got involved in more complex projects like stand-alone application design, news websites and so on. Of course it was a long journey to where I stand today, but it was definitely worth those years. Because my current projects, besides money and pride bring me joy and the opportunity to spend more time with my family and do things I love to do.


Today, I provide design consulting, ui/ux design specifically, and I’m choosing projects I like to work on and decline those that aren’t attractive. My main area of expertise is complex SaaS projects, websites and mobile apps. In addition, I implement ux methodology where suitable. Precisely: persona, customer journey and user flow. My clients, as those of most freelancers, are spread worldwide, meaning I collaborate with companies from Australia, USA and many European countries.Among my client is World Bank, Puma, Chrysler and Mitsubishi.


So I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned from my own experience so you will be able to save a vast amount of time on your own trials and errors. We’ll go through all the essential design topics so be prepared to have a good rest and strong focus on learning.