UI Design Fundamentals - Video 3 - Types of Interfaces (Part 1)

Hi again, this I’m Arthur and we’ll continue our course with analyzing several different types of interface that you may be asked to design.


Let’s start with portals.

These web interfaces are very content oriented and because the tremendous amount of information they provide, their interfaces are more likely designed in minimal style. This is not just the tradition.Trust me. This is due to two main reasons.

Firstly, minimalistic elements have less effect or the interaction with content itself. Colorfull call-to-actions and huge banners will prevent user from reading or concentrating on the information on the screen.

Secondly, while designing these, besides of course readability, you need to concentrate on the scalability of this resource. Keep in mind that content type as well as the content itself may change, and thus, try to prepare for various length of headings, body text and buttons. Try to see the future of this project.

So reducing graphics actually helps  to create a very flexible design.

In any case, clarify the specs with your client by asking relevant questions, but besides - Ask yourself what would probably change here in a year or two? Maybe you'll have an idea how to prepare for this development with less damage to your design?


Corporate websites

Next, the most frequently-requested type of UI we see today is  corporate websites

Not all of these  could be put in one pool but most of them have same features.

And to start I think it is essential to point out that company’s website should be consistent with corporate identity. Meaning you should use corporate colors, fonts and logo if they exists.

Another important factor is age group. Here you may recall our previous lesson about humanity, right? Just put yourself in auditory shoes. Imagine if you were a potential user. What would you appreciate? What would be a value for you?

Company’s website should clearly indicate the company specialisation or area of expertise. It should have an easy access to all necessary pages like services and prices and contacts.

Today many of these websites have long homepages and several inner pages.

In my opinion, this type is the most easiest to design.


Another type of web interface called promo-page. Technically it has small difference with corporate website but in this case it is created for short-term of product or offer.

Usually these websites are made using cutting-edge web technologies as well as contain a lot of graphics and images of a high quality. They play the image role of the brand or trademark. Sometimes, these UIs can be  animated and engage user to do interact with the interface.

One sad think about them is their short lifetime.

Promo-web pages has no standard rules as only one - to stand out in our memory.

A good archive of promo pages is https://thefwa.com/