What is UX and UI design – peculiarities and differences

Users’ interface development with appropriate approach is made in such a way as to create it maximally attractive and convenient for optimization of its cooperation with user.

Developers of web-interfaces in any project have the aim to create friendly interface towards user. But it’s not an easy task as it may seem for the first sight and sometimes it requires huge experience in designing. The main requirements here are convenience, practicality and intuitive clearness. At this moment such concepts as UX and UI design become important. These two concepts are usually confused that’s why let’s overview each of them separately and determine their key points.


UX design

User Experience Design means “interaction experience” and includes various UX components: information architecture, interaction design, graphic design and content.

In general UX design it’s the complex approach of user-interface interaction, no matter that’s website, mobile app or other program. Person who does this work –UX designer (or at present time this profession is more often called UX-architect, UX-engineer or strategist) – while developing interface should take into consideration all details beginning with user’s environment and type of electronic device and finishing with ways of information display.

For example: let’s imagine that you invested a lot of money to promote your site to the top in search engines, but its convenience for users is much to be desired. As a result lots of users will leave the site and this will cause negative effect on website popularity.  That’s why it’s necessary to make regular analysis of website visitors’ actions, upgrade your site and follow modern trends.

Main issues solved by UX design:

  • Goals and tasks setting – what we have to reach as a result?
  • Choosing of appropriate UX tools for aim achievement
  • Development of product that will be convenient and simple for user’s perception
  • Analysis of final result – does the product meet the customer’s expectations and how high is the level of users’ satisfaction.

Here is vital to think thoroughly about all details and as a result you’ll have the army of fans of your product. Apple Company is a very good example here, as it followed such algorithm and has won adoration of thousands of people.

UI design

User Interface Design it’s more concrete concept that includes specific set of graphically designed technique elements (buttons, checkboxes, selectors and other fields). Its aim is to help user to organize interaction with program/website. Today there are some rules of UI design:

  1. The organization of interface elements. This means that they must be logically structured and interrelated.
  2. Grouping of interface elements. Involves the grouping of logically related elements (menu, forms).
  3. The alignment of interface elements. It is difficult to imagine that rough interface can be comfortable for someone!
  4. Common style of interface elements. Stylistic design is very important as it is saved in user’s memory.
  5. Available space. This allows delimiting of informational blocks, focusing on one point.

Interface that is developed taking into consideration all rules will definitely be popular and effective among visitors.

Information architecture

There are some words to say about Information Architecture. Its activity is focused on data organization. That means that here is taken into consideration the structure of information from the user’s point of view, and not according to technique or system rules. It determines the position of elements of the page and link of pages. IA competence is a menu and navigation and their appropriate implementation.

Summing up it should be said that in different sources UX design is comprehended differently. Despite, in this article there is general description of its work on product.  And what does UX mean for you?