Freqently Asked Questions

What information is necessary to start a project with me?

In most cases filling out the design questionnaire is enough for me to have an understanding of a project we’ll be working on. However, there could be some follow-ups if additional information is required. Further steps are described in this short article. If you like to have a talk prior to filling the brief please use this link to book a 30-minute appointment.

How much do I charge for a project?

Due to the fast-changing market trends it’s hard to indicate a certain rate on my work, although you may consider that it is somewhere between $40-$60 per hour.

Do I consider an in-house full-time job?

Usually, I don't, but if you feel your offer is interesting please contact me via email or book an online appointment to discuss details of your offer.

In which time zone I am located?

I am located in the GMT+2 time zone. Typically my work day starts at 10 Am and ends around 6 PM. If you are in a different time zone you may use this service for time orientation.

What is my preferable way to communicate?

I find email my favorite step-by-step-way to communicate. Occasionally, we may transfer Our communication into real-time using one of available messengers. For more information about workflow please read this article.

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