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Clients Say

Arthur is one of those unique vendors that spends an extraordinary amount of time trying to understand your objectives, but even along the way, can give you pointers, previews, etc. of what his work would look like so you can refine your own thinking. When I was trying to create a brand presence for a new company, I didn't have all of my thoughts well planned out, including what an appropriate look and feel would be. Arthur was more than patient, helped me plan things out, and built us a site and framework that gave us not just an improved presence, but flexibility going forward. Well after the engagement was over, he continued to do minor site changes and improvements for me without charge.

Aaron Masih
/ Revenue Growth

Arthur is fantastic to work with and communication was great, Arthur sought more information when required and produced high quality work with short deadlines. I am very happy with the quality of his work and also his recommendations to achieve my desired outcome. I found him very easy to work with and cooperative. Arthur is certainly a designer I will be using again and I am happy to recommend Arthur to anyone needing a designer. Thank you again Arthur

Christian Asare
/ Active Training

We were working with Arthur in 2016 - 2017. It was great opportunity to launch new mobile platform for Crafti and sities optimization for Superoffice and OS1. Arthur demonstrated strong experience in application platforms creation and farther upgrade. His passion and goals orienting was helping to fasten all processes, customer was absolutely satisfied by results. I recommend him as desciplined professional in such area as user experience and mobile-first designer. I will recommend him to my business partners.

Eugen Andony

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Rakib mia
/ Developer

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