Client Guidance

This information will help you to get familiar with my design processes and will help each other in further collaboration.

Document hub

First of all, I strongly believe that all project-related information should be stored in one place. That's why I like to use email with Google Drive where you’ll have a folder (if needed) to upload all available documents and other assets for permanent access for parties involved in the process.

Feedback and communication

Secondly, every piece of feedback has to be indicated on the Adobe XD project. It has quite an intuitive interface and pins to specify screen and area of a comment. It will help me to keep track of your suggestions and resolve them when ready. We both have access to resolved and unresolved comments. To use this service you need to create/ to have an Adobe account, otherwise, you won’t have the access to a comment archive. For more information on how to use Adobe Xd service for feedback please see this video. Using online messengers for feedback may result in miscommunication and and in the end of the day, we have a lot of alterations and an increase of the project budget. We may use them in some specific cases or for general questions.

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